About us

3DAerofilm is a company dedicated to edit and produce videos and images captured from the air with robotic technology.

Previously a rented helicopter was needed for audiovisual works from the air with the expensive price and the amount of required flight permits it entailed being unworkable from the air intakes. There were also balloons with cameras carried pictures all from a static position .

Currently with our drones art audiovisual works from the air easily and economically performed without special permits. The shots can be both static and moving as the drone flies as we control jacks can make moving videos.

We have all the tools on the island for aerial filming work and not rely on third parties, which are very economical prices and the visual result is the highest quality.


3DAerofilm is dedicated to photography and video footage from the air through the art aerial robotics drone remotely directed eight thrusters.

Our aerial drones are capable of sustained flight and static position even in strong winds ensuring the quality and sharpness of the videos and photos. This remotely operated from the ground by a flight engineer and a cameraman . Also the drones are equipped with GPS ensuring semiautonomous flight controlled from computer. The shots can be made from a low-flying ground or from a height of 200 meters.

We use the highest technology in 2D and 3D camcorders FullHD 1080p. The cameras make images with 24 megapixels of resolution. Both the video and the photos can be viewed on Earth in real time on a screen from which the camera operator makes shots.

The professional edition says incredible results in high definition.

In our delegation located in Ibiza Balearic Islands have to do the work of filming and aerial photography with a mobile unit and 2 aerial drones.

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